Computer software that is no longer distributed or supported by the developer or copyright holder.

Well, this blog isn’t really a software product, but I have certainly abandoned it for some time to the dusty corners of the Interverse with no updates and no development of its potential.


Life happens I guess.

A lot has changed with me since January 2013.

I’ll be writing about it, in drips and drabs, as I regain my typing fingers and my words flow yet again.


All things have a beginning, a middle and inevitably an end. I have been priviliged over the years to be a witness to all three at various points in peoples lives, most of them strangers, some friends and others family members. In this blog I hope to allow myself the luxury of exploring the many thoughts, ideas and emotions that these experiences have sparked within me. As I grow older and mature (theoretically) it becomes harder for me to sort them all out in my mind. So I have decided to try my hand at writing as a means to exorcise demons, restore order from chaos and ultimately learn more about myself.

This isn’t the first time that I have felt this way over the years, but it is the first time where I have felt compelled to actually commit myself to the process. I have no illusions about this blog becoming more than a mental playground for myself, but if it does my hope is that the readers enjoy themselves and possibly learn something.

I decided to name the blog after my favourite standby location, those of you who are my colleagues will recognize the name and location immediately. For those who don’t, it is an area bounded by a lake with many quiet and picturesque parks to sit and contemplate life and all that stuff. I recall fondly spending hours just sitting in my truck thinking, listening to music or just talking with my partner.

I’m stationed elsewhere now and don’t get there nearly as often now. I’d like to recreate that vibe with this blog as much as is possible in a digital, 2D framework.

I reference the fictional Pensieve because it symbolises what I want from this blog nicely , that being a receptacle for my thoughts that I can return to at a later date to make sense of them. If anyone can suggest a real world concept that is similar please let me know in the comments.

I plan on writing as often as I can and I have a few posts lined up in my head. The difficulty will be in finding the time to sit down with a very active 2 year child demanding attention. Posts will be on any subject that piques my interest or evokes a strong reaction in me. For the most part there will be quite a few topics related to EMS and paramedicine as it is a large portion of my life. There will also be posts about my experiences as a father and how that relates to my job, the two can become intertwined unfortunately.