Everybody has their own style. It’s what makes us unique as human beings and distinguishes our efforts when performing similar tasks as professionals, students, hobbyists etc.

It’s taken a long time and a lot of reflection for me to arrive at my style as a Paramedic, and it’s a continually evolving process. My style adapts and changes to new responsibilities, changing roles and situations as well as the people I interact with on a daily basis. It’s not perfect, nor is it infallible but it has worked for me for most of my adult life.

Until now.

I’ve recently decided to take a stab at writing as a way to challenge myself, express myself and generally open up to the world. Up until this point my writing has been confined to patient care reports and Twitter.

Which brings us to writing and style… I have no clue what my writing style is, in fact until a friend read the sparse pickings on this blog so far, I hadn’t even really thought about what my writing style could be. My previous writing experience dictated a technical style where brevity and clarity is paramount. It’s kind of exciting to break free from those restrictions and let loose (metaphorically speaking).

So will I write in a relaxed, conversational style? A darkly humorous style? A stiff, pedantic style? Will I disturb, or agitate with my writing? I just don’t know, yet….

I think I’ll just write and let my subject matter dictate the style I write in for now, I’ve got enough hangups about writing as it is… Such as a perceived lack of knowledge around the “rules” of writing.

However, according to Thomas Basbøll and his blog Research as a Second Language, a writer should be less concerned with the “rules” than with simply relaxing and allowing the “rules” to develop as you write. I think this advice is marvelous and if you’d like to read the article you can find it here.

Phew, I feel more relaxed about this writing thing already…

Till next time, do stay frosty!

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  1. Just write. Your voice will change with your words as it needs to. Only you can tell the story in your voices.

    Writing saved my career.

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